An enormous 'Thank you' to Dennis Eyjolfsson from WeddingsWest for taking the time to come out and visit us today. We are thrilled with the idea of sharing our place for intimate weddings. So much fun to think of all the new possibilites there. And 'thank you', too, to Brenda at Social Media Is Simple for sharing our post with Dennis in the first place. Networking is great! Thanks, Brenda!

Bev Oliver - Season above the Bay       

We have just had the dream wedding for our daughter at The Laurel Point. Weddings West was a life saver. We are from out of town and could not have had a perfect wedding if it was not for all the help from weddings west web site. We did everything from cake to Justice of the Peace from your web site. I certainly will reccommend your site to everyone who is getting married. Thanks again for all the help

Tom Meakes   Fruitvale BC       

In the past few years, Weddings West has provided me with a large percentage of the marketing I needed to build my business. For example, without advertising anywhere else last year I was still able to have a fully booked wedding season.

To add to this, the assistance and attention to customer needs has been outstanding. I truly appreciate both the opportunity and service that this site provides and plan on being an advertiser here for many years to come!

Scott Renton - Boxless Productions Videography   Victoria       

Weddings West drives more brides looking for wedding information to our website than any other wedding marketing we do. Each year we renew the service pays for itself within the first month or two.

I highly recommend it!

Kelly Darwin - Owner - In Bloom Floral Boutique       

Ruby Lake Resort and Spa would like to thank Weddings West for your wonderful service. We started getting referrals right away, within 2 weeks of starting on the site, we have received over 10 qualified wedding requests from our Weddings West page. We offer many services for weddings, have a 100 acre property, wildlife sanctuary, marqee banquet tent, incredible Spirit of the Rainforest Amphitheatre and much more, but Weddings West has been our absolute best advertising resource in the Wedding Sector. Thanks Weddings West!

- Ruby Lake Resort and Spa       

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