Terms and Conditions
Weddings West Resources Ltd.
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Terms and Conditions
To activate your Membership listing on WeddingsWest.com please read and accept the following terms of our acceptance agreement.

ALL Membership listings on Weddingswest.com
  • Members are responsible for assuring that the information in their listing is correct and current.
  • Members are responsible for updating this information when necessary and can do so by accessing their account in the business center. A username and password will be sent to the email address you have provided upon accepting this agreement.
  • Information listed must relate to the products and services your company offers and be relevant to the wedding and/or event industry.
  • Information listing must not be pornographic, incite violence, racial prejudice or criminal actions.
  • You must have the express written approval to use any photographs, logos or text you include in your listing. You are required to obtain any model releases if applicable. Weddings West Resources Ltd. cannot assume any responsibility for copyright infringements.
  • WeddingsWest.com reserves the right to remove any members listing that does not comply with any of the previous terms.
FREE 4 Month Memberships on WeddingsWest.com
  • Free Memberships are available in only one category and one region.
  • Following the initial 4 month period, your free membership may be renewed for an additional 4 months. To do so you are required to login and confirm that your information is correct and then renew the listing. There is no limit to the number of times you can renew this free membership.
  • You may choose at any time to upgrade your membership to one of the four membership options available. (Please refer to the Display Profile page in your account or click on More Options when renewing). If you choose to upgrade before your expiry date you will receive a discount on the new annual membership.
  • If you choose not to renew your listing at the end of the 4 months it will expire and be removed from the directory.
ANNUAL (Paid) Memberships
  • All Annual (Paid) Memberships are for a full year from the signup date.
  • All Annual (Paid) Memberships include a listing in all categories that are relevant to your business. This relevancy must be clearly stated on your website or details included in display profile. WeddingsWest.com reserves the right to refuse any requests for additional categories that do not meet this criteria.
  • All Fees must be paid before your membership will appear in the directory. If payment is delayed, the member will still have full access to their business center so they can create their profile page in advance. Once payment has been received the display profile will go live.
  • A renewal notices for your annual membership will be emailed starting one month prior to your renewal date. For Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships if you renew before the expiry date you will receive a discount. If you renew after the date the full membership fee will be charged.
  • If your Membership is still unpaid one week after your last renewal reminder your listing will be removed from the WeddingsWest.com Directory.

WeddingsWest.com agrees to consistently promote their websites, WWW.WEDDINGSWEST.CA and WWW.WEDDINGSWEST.COM and maintain effective Search Engine Optimization for maximum exposure to the wedding market and in turn, your business. WeddingsWest.com will continue to seek means by which to promote the website and in so doing, your company and the goods and services you provide.

WeddingsWest.com conducts an aggressive Social Media campaign, which includes information about its vendors on their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/weddingswest. This is designed to complement your listing that appears on the site at no additional cost to you.